Execute occurrences

To execute occurrences, go to the EXECUTE tab on PandExchange app. You will have to use the top right buttons to connect your web wallet and select an available network.

You can then execute any of the available DCA Plans occurrences and receive the associated reward. You can see the estimated gas cost of validating the transaction as well as the reward for it. If possible, the price of the reward will be calculated in the FIAT currency of your choice and the net worth of executing this transaction shown. You can select the desired currency using the bottom right select button.

To see new transactions, you can use the top right circle arrow button. You can also use the pagination options at the bottom to select the number of transactions shown per page and navigate between pages. Finally, the top left question mark button allows you to view a quick tutorial whenever you need it. Using the EXECUTE tab is the easiest way for any one to participate in the PandExchange Ecosystem, but it's not the most efficient way. What we recommend is using the PandExchange Validators Helper, a standalone program that anyone can run to Validate transactions in the PandExchange Ecosystem automatically. This tool is currently under development, we will let our community know when it is available on our social outlet so be sure to follow them!

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