This roadmap is here to give you a general idea of were we are headed. As such, it will often be updated to better suit the direction PandExchange is taking

Part I - Q2/Q3 2023

PandExchange Beta is launched on BNB Chain, Polygon and Arbitrum as a fully functional and audited proof of concept for a fully decentralized way to do Dollar-Cost Averaging. This version includes all base features necessary for easy DCA investments using the web3 app.

Our team will release an open-source helper for Validators that will allow anyone to easily automate the PandExchange Validator process according to user defined parameters. This will allow the PandExchange Validators network to grow and ensure its decentralization.

PandExchange will launch it's ICO with the PANDEX token, an utility token that will enhance PandExchange functionalities and will allow the project to grow even further. You can find the detailed tokenomics in our whitepaper.

Part II - Q4 2023

PandExchange V1 will be the completed version of PandExchange, that will include the PANDEX utility token and other linked tokenomics in its ecosystem as per our whitepaper.

Part III - Q1/Q2 2024

PandExchange Portfolio Handler will allow users to only have to set up their ideal portfolio of choose a recommended portfolio, generated either by PandExchange Team or by the trends of our users.

PandExchange will be available as its own DEX with DCA centric features, allowing its users to benefit from the power of DCA along with standard features.

The decentralized execution system will be applied to other problems such as recurring payments between wallets, salaries or use by third-parties DApps. Thie Validators network will become a standard to work with any registered DApps needing the capacity to automate transactions.

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